Temple of Kaali is situated here. Located on the open space near river bank of pinder Kulsari is a beautiful place. here Godess Kaalratri is worshipped. This is seventh halt of Nanda Raj Jat.


It is a prime town of Pindar valley. Headquarter of Tharali development block is situated here. Primary Health Centre and basic amenities are available. From here one way diverts to Gwaldam - Almora and another way to Dewal.


During their visit to Harali through Kulsari a big fair is organized their .There is a village Devrada near Tharali where goddess of Badhan Raj Rajeshwari Nanda devi stays for six month.


This place is important which is located in northern part of Pinder river. In this place Almora's Nanda of Kumaun and Bramari Devi of Dangoli are joining the Nanda Raj Jat. Here there is a grant welcome of Raj Rajeshwari Nanda Devi of Kurur village.


Temple of Nanda is situated here in the middle of fields. According to myth Nanda Devi was followed by a devil during which Saree of Goddess stuck between the crops in the field which obstructed Devi’s path. Devi saved her life by hiding behind the Bhainkal tree.


It is the headquarter of Deval development block and also renowned as the biggest Mandi. Temple of Lord Shiva is situated on the confluence of Kail and Pindar river. Big fair is held here.

Faldiya Gaon

The Rajjat Yatra proceed towords Faldiya gaun from Nandakesari.


Temple of Nanda Devi is situated here. Here magnificent fair is held. According to myth Devi killed Pilwa devil here resulted the present name of Pilphara.


This beautiful village is situated on the motor road. Renowned for its oranges people of this village welcome Devi and give devotees warm reception.

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