This place resides on the edge of local gadhera. Here temple of goddess is situated where Devi is worshipped and first trial of tough Himalayan journey is done. Two kilometres steep trek from here to Mundoli is the examination of the devoteeā€™s internal courage and strength.


It is 11th halt of Nanda Devi Raj Jat. This place is know for known for its culture.


Above one kilometer of Mundoli Lohajung is situated. Surrounded with Himalaya on one side and dense forest on the other depicting the exquisiteness of nature is seen. Here fair is held. Here Devi killed devil named Lohasaar. Temples of Deosingh, Daanu and Nanda Devi is situated here.


This village is adjacent to the road. Here Raj Jat is welcomed. It is also a resting place for short time.

Kail Ganga

Geroli Patal

After Waan village Goddess Nanda killed last devil of yatra path at Rann ki dhar. Devi was impressed with the courage and devotion of Laatu deity of Wan and declared that from now onwards Wan Laatu will be the leader of Yatra. After Rann ki dhar travellers take bath and give Tilpatra offerings at Kailganga and cross the river by putting thaan made of gaade cloth in river.

Bedani Bugyal

Here ritual by taking bath in Vaitarni kund is done. Bedni Bugyal is the biggest bugyal of Uttarakhand. Rajkunwar give offerings to their descendents ate this place. Thread of nine palas tied on the bamboo sticks and parikrama of kund is done. Devotees give tarpan to the descendents by holding the thread. Here temple of Nanda Devi is situated.

Patar Nachuniya

Beliefs are that Kannaug Raja jashdhawal during Raj Jat Yatra, for his intertainment make dancers dance which makes Devi angry and results all the dancer to transform into rocks. Today this place is filled with rocks around and yatra devotees take rest here under these bolders

Kelwa Vinayak

Beautiful idol of Lord Vinayak is situated here. After covering tough 4 km trek this place is the resting place. Surrounded by Himalayan ranges with the stunning visuals of Bedni, Aali, Bhuna bugyal. Devotees forget their exhaustion after reaching here.

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