Bhagwa wasa

The place is filled with Brahmakamals, the magical aroma of these magnificent flowers creates a mystical ambience. The lore behind the name Bagwawasa seems to be that is one has to make a dwelling (wasa) then it has to be here before going ahead.

Bhalbha Syaleda

King Jasdhavta’s wife Queen Vallabha rested in this cave due to maternal pain. Here she gave birth to child. King’s soldiers were camped around Roopkund. Due to Untouchability Nanda Devi became angry leading to heavy snowfall with hail rain. All the members were killed in this.


This place is very inaccessible. From here trek to Roopkund started. This is one of the toughest and inaccessible path of the yatra. Temporary ladders made of irregular stones are on the way. Strong aroma from numerous aromatic medicinal plants make the way even more tougher.


It is an historical kund and changes its shape and nature according to weather.According to myth Devi Nanda felt thirst on the way while going to Kailash with Lord Shiva and in order to get water Lord Shiva created this lake.

Juran gali

Ahead of Roop kund is the deadly precipice, known as Jura Gali, or the alley of death.

Sila Samundra

Descending down from the Juran gali devotees reached Sila Samundra in foot of nanda Ghungti(mountain). here one can see large boulders and it is yatra halt.


In the early morning piligrims goes from Sila Samundra towards Homkund. At some distance from Sila Samundra, Ghee thopdiya is a place where Goddess had placed a sheela as per beliefs. After reaching Homekund(Yagna Place) pilgrims worships. At this place all the 'Chantoli's' from Devi's Mayka are being released and Chantoli's of Sasural which are made of 'Bhoj Patra' with Devi's Dolii moves back.

Chandiniya Ghat

After finishing ritual at Homkund pilgrims move toward Chandaniya Ghat to stay.


While descending from Chandiniya Ghat to Sutol of there is a dense forest of Chir pine and Oak.In the route there is temple of Dhoshing of Tatra. After 5 day there is a site of village and habbitat for the yatra devotees. There is a grand welcome of tourist which are residence of Sutol village towards right at the confluence of Roop ganga and Mandakini river.

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