Nauti Village

Innaugration of holly yatra . Thousand people farewell Goddess Nanda.

Ida Badhani

Ida Banani is first night hault of this yatra.There is Raj Rajeshwari temple.Ida banani is located in Karanprayag District and it is 5 km distance from Karaprayag town.


Nandachura is located at the Bainali village .It is far from 3 km distance from Nauti.The divine Chatoli of Naine and Gadsari meet in the Raj Jat yatra.


Kansuwa's people organize the Raj Jat every 12 year. Before organizing the Nanda Devi Raj Jat Kansuwa's people take Raj Chantoli and Ucchana to their Dev Guru Nautiyal's of Nauti.There is Mardidevi and Nanda Raj Rajeshwari temple.

Chandpur Gadhi

In 8th centur it was the capital of King of Garhwal(Kanakpal). This fort is remembered as one of the un-conquerable fort.

Tope Village

This village is related to king's commander.Here anicently carved water streams are seen. Two water streams the name of Lord Shiv and Goddes Parvati are situated here. temple of Bhagwati is situated here

Sem Village

This is fourth night hault of Nanda Devi Raj Jat. Nanda Devi temple is situated here. During night fair and culture programs are organized.

Koti Village

Nanda Devi temple is situated below this village. Under this temple stream falls and there is a big water reservoir. Water of this reservoir is considered holy.

Kewar Gadera

Biggest fair of Pindar valley is held at Kewar gadera (stream) near Narayanbagar. Here Nanda Devi enters from her maternal home to her in-laws home.
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