Promote ECO-Tourism

Awesome,serene and inspiring snow bound Himalayas of Uttarakhand are one of nature's most beautiful gifts to mankind.As a visitor please make sure to respect local traditions and culture,help maintain local harmony and protect the majestic natural environment.

Please observe the following:

Do's :

1. Use of Polythene and Plastics is unhealthy for the environment of the Himalayas.
2. Carry away all non-degradable litter-empty bottles,tins,polythene bags etc.and throws them in dustbins only,so that they can be disposed off properly.
3. Observe the sanctity of holy sites.In case of any offerings contact local organizing committee/administration.
4. Respect local traditions. When taking photographs.respect privacy ask prior permission and use restraint.
5. In case temporary toilets are set-up near camp sites,after defecation,cover with mud or sand.Ensure that the spot is atleast 30 mts. from a water source.

Don'ts :

1.Taking away of cuttings.seeds and roots is illegal in the Himalayas. Allow the flora and fauna to flourish in the natural environment.
2.Avoid using pollutants,such as detergents,in streams or springs.
3.Do not use wood as fuel to cook food at the camp site and do not destroy the forest wealth of the Himalayas,which are our heritage.
4. Do not leave burning cigarettes or make open fires in the forests.
5. Do not consume alcohol,drugs or any other intoxicant.
6. Do not tempt local children by offering them foodstuff or sweets.
7. Do not listen to Radios,Tape Recorders or any other electronic entertainment equipment at high volume to avoid noise pollution.