Genesis ofTradition

Event marks the coming of Nanda Devi to her mother's place(mait).

History ofNanda

Parvati also known as Shail Putri, consort of Lord Shiva, is known as Nanda.

Route ofRaj Jat

Major Nanda Raj Jat is 19 days yatra

Royal Pilgrimage

Nanda Devi Raj jat

The legend of the Nanda Devi Raj Jat is an important event from the spirtuo-cultural point of view as the shrines of Nanda Devi are scattered all over the Central Himalayas. the devi is considered as the Isht-Devi, by the hill folks.

The royal family of Garhwal conducts the Nanda Raj Jat to please the Isht-Devi, in order to seek blessings for a prospereous kingdom and the defeat of their enemies. Her relationship with the people is just the same as that of Sita with Mithila, similarily Gaura is known to be the daughter of Uttarakhand. Daughter of the King of mountains, Himavat, Gaura was married to ash-smeared, leopard skin wearing yogi. It is popularly believed that according to the Indian calender, during the Krishna Paksha of Bhado (2nd week of August) the Devi visits her mother's place and the event is clebrated with the performance of special rituals and prayers on Nanda Ashtami in the numerous Nanda devi temples spread all over the Grahwal and Kumaon regions.
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