Places to see

Lohajang :

Lohajang is situated at a distance of 7 kms. uphill from Bakara gad. The trek is a strenuous one, but the picturesque views of natural splendour throughout the route makes one forget the perils of this arduous trek.

Waan :

The village of Waan is located at a distance of 5 kms. from Lohajang. The entire route is up hill but the road wide and comfortably with tall birch, oak and Deodar trees lining its sides. The village is inhabited by Palso shepherds and farmers. The dwelling units of this village are single, double or triple storyed and of a typical style, suited to the mountains. The village is famous for the shrine of Latu Devta. Accommodation is available in Dak Bunglow & Tourist Rest House.

Bedini Bugyal/Vaitarani :

Situated close to Waan, Bedini Bugyal is a beautiful meadow, carpeted with soft, green grass. One can find patches in the meadow where myriad variety of beautiful flowers in full bloom add a dash of colour to the charming green meadow. A small lake known as Vaitarani is situated in the midst of this meadow, where tarpans are offered. A small temple is also situated here.

Pattar Nachoniya :

Ahead of Bedini Bugyal is the legendary Pattar Nachonia where King Jasdhaval is said to have made his female courtesans dance. Legend has it that the king’s indulgence earned the ire of the Goddess Nanda Devi and the dancing girls were turned to stone. These stones can still be seen today, arranged in a circle at this very spot.

Gangotri Cave :

This cave is where the pregnant queen of the Jasdhaval, Vallabh, delivered a child.

Kaliuva Vinayak :

5 kms. from Pattar Nachonia and at an altitude of 3000 mts., the place offers a panoramic view of Trishul and Nanda peaks. Situated here is a famous stone of lord Ganesha, worshipped as Kailura Vinayak.

Bagwawasa :

The place is filled with Brahmakamals, the magical aroma of these magnificent flowers creates a mystical ambience. The lore behind the name Bagwawasa seems to be that is one has to make a dwelling (wasa) then it has to be here, for, ahead of it is the deadly precipice, known as Juna Gali, or the alley of death.

Roopkund :

Roopkund is a mysterious lake which is situated at an altitude of 5029 mts. In the interior of the district Chamoli. The lake is rather shallow having a depth of about 2 mts. With the edges covered with snow for most part of the year. When the snow melts, human and equine skeletal remains can be seen, some of them with flesh attached. These remains have been preserved in he alpine conditions for centuries. It is believed that these are the remains of about 300 persons who died about 500-600 years ago. There are may theories explaining these findings, but none are satisfying. Hence the lake is also known as the ‘Mystery Lake’. It is however one of most popular treks in the Garhwal, as it abounds in spectacular mountain scenery.